Well hello there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Josephine Penelope (or just Jo!)

I create quirky home decor and clothing using vintage floral fabrics. Each piece is unique and personal having been handmade by me, in my countryside studio.

If you love making your house a home that’s unique and personal, while sprinkling in a little whimsical floral nostalgia - you’re in the right place.


My story

In between the cups of Earl Grey tea and dog walks, I've always been a keen maker, breaking mum's sewing machine repeatedly and once sewing through my finger ...ouch!

Luckily my skills improved and soon friends and family were asking me to make decor for their homes.

I originally started using upcycled vintage fabrics by working through mum’s fabric stash. Later I got into flea market shopping (which gets addictive, believe me) and now I always use vintage floral materials for a lot of reasons, not least because it makes each piece unique as well as sustainable and ethical (happy face).

The combination of my love for vintage florals and sewing was the inspiration behind starting my blog in 2016 and later taking my products to markets as well as opening my Etsy shop.

If that all sounds great to you, come and join the party!




When I’m not creating my products and teaching the art of sewing to other creative-types I can be found…

Wearing wellies,                  walking the poochies,         listening to classic 90’s pop,               drinking gallons of earl grey tea,       snuggling up in a blanket next to the log burner and                           foraging food from the countryside and making delicious apple pies, plum puddings, elderflower cordial, sloe gin....the list is long... 


I also love to shop for beautiful vintage home decor and quirky floral finds at vintage markets. Check out the blog for more on that.